Jun 21, 2009


Hi, to all of you...
We are the Pagan Team from Etsy. This blog will be for our (hopefully) monthly Challenges, Contests and group things like that...

We are just starting up again after a short unplanned hiatus where our founding member evaporated...We sincerely hope that she's okay, and she's welcome to take back the reins if she does reappear...

We have a weekly thread on Etsy. Feel more than free to add to it.

I figured to start up the Blog again on Solstice would be a nice idea...It's a time for bountiful blessings of abundance and fertility. We've been shut inside for half the year so this half should mostly be spent outdoors enjoying the sun's rays on our skins and working in our gardens...

Feathery Blessings to one and all!


  1. This Summer Solstice is extra special for it is one of manifestation, more so than other years. This is due to the placements of the stellar bodies.
    What do you want? Visualize having it!

  2. A new blog is a wonderful idea... I love it!


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