Nov 1, 2009

here are my directions for preparation & application of powdered henna.
there are many others out there, but this is how i do it:

1. Add lemon juice to henna powder & stir in little by little until mix is the consistency of creamy mashed potatoes.

2. Let henna/lemon mixture sit in covered container in a warm place for about 8 to 12 hours.

3. Bring to a boil 1.5c filtered water,1 tbs coffee grounds, loose black tea and sugar.

4. Cover & simmer for .5 hr. .

5. Strain & let rest while the henna and lemon juice is developing.

6. Re warm tea brew to bath water temperature.

7. Slowly add strained tea to the henna and lemon , stirring very well to blend.

8. Add tea tree, eucalyptus or clove essential oil (.25 tsp) to the henna paste and stir.

9. Add more lemon juice if the mixture is too thin.

10. Cover paste and let sit for 6-12hrs allowing the henna dye to release.

11. Can be kept for one week in airtight container in fridge, six months in the freezer.
1. 1.5c sugar, .5c lemon juice & some cloves
2. Heat on stove top
3. Stores indefinitely in refrigerator.
1. Put paste into a baggy & cut a hole in corner tip and squeeze gently.
2. Paint desired henna pattern onto clean (free of oils or lotions) dry, healthy skin.
3. Let henna design dry until paste line has changed from shiny to dull or matte.
4. Dab a bit of lemon sugar syrup on dried henna areas using cotton balls.
5. Let the sugar coating dry. It will form a protective crust so that it can dye the skin.
6. Leave on for 4-12 hours. For the darkest stain try to sleep over night with it on.
1. Scrape (do NOT wash) the henna paste and sugar off the skin.
2. Rub olive oil on before exposure to water for the next few days.
3. To prolong design avoid chlorinated pools, hot tubs & anything with mineral oils.

Oct 17, 2009

September Balance Challenge


Winner of the BALANCE Challenge

The Wheel of the Year - Mabon

Here are the rest of the amazing entries for the October Harvest Challenge!
How about a round of applause for all these great artists.

Read delightful descriptions of how pieces where inspired
and they reflect the nature of balance.

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Oct 16, 2009

rainadelmagick shares a Samhain Ritual of Gratitude

Greetings Friends. I hope this simple ritual brings you pleasure and intimacy with your friends and loved ones.

If we had lived a few hundreds of years ago, we would not only have brought our cows and sheep in from the pastures.

Most likely we'd slaughter a few of them, as well as some pigs and goats, smoking the meat so it would last through the cold months. Our grain that we picked back at Lughnasadh has been baked into bread, and all of our herbs have been gathered, and hang from the rafters in the kitchen. The harvest is over, and now it's time to settle in for winter with the coziness of a warm fireplace, heavy blankets, and big pots of comfort food on the stove-top.

If you want to celebrate Samhain as the time of harvest's end, you can do so as a single ritual, or as the first of three days of ceremony. If you don't have a permanent altar in place, set up a table to leave in place for the three days prior to Samhain. This will act as a your family's temporary altar for the Sabbat. Decorate the altar with symbols of late fall, such as:

Skulls, skeletons, grave rubbings, ghosts
Harvest food such as pumpkins, squash, root vegetables
Nuts and berries, dark breads
Dried leaves and acorns
A cornucopia filled with an abundance of fruit and veggies
Mulled cider, wine, or mead
To begin your ceremony, prepare a meal for the family -- and this is something that everyone can get involved in. Put emphasis on fruits and vegetables, and wild game meat if available. Also make sure you have a loaf of a dark bread like rye or pumpernickel and a cup of apple cider or wine. Set the dinner table with candles and a fall centerpiece, and put all the food on the table at once. Consider the dinner table a sacred space.

Gather everyone around the table, and say:

Tonight is the first of three nights,
on which we celebrate Samhain.
It is the end of the harvest, the last days of summer,
and the cold nights wait on the other side for us.
The bounty of our labor, the abundance of the harvest,
the success of the hunt, all lies before us.
We thank the earth for all it has given us this season,
and yet we look forward to winter,
a time of sacred darkness.

Take the cup of cider or wine, and lead everyone outside. Make this a ceremonial and formal occasion. If you have a vegetable garden, great! Go there now -- otherwise, just find a nice grassy spot in your yard. Each person in the family takes the cup in turn and sprinkles a little bit of cider onto the earth, saying:

Summer is gone, winter is coming.
We have planted and
we have watched the garden grow,
we have weeded,
and we have gathered the harvest.
Now it is at its end.

If you have any late-fall plants still waiting to be picked, gather them up now. Collect a bundle of dead plants and use them to make a straw man or woman. If you follow a more masculine path, he may be your King of Winter, and rule your home until spring returns. If you follow the Goddess in her many forms, make a female figure to represent the Goddess as hag or crone in winter.

Once that is done, go back inside and bring your King of Winter into your home with much pomp and circumstance. Place him on your table and prop him up with a plate of his own, and when you sit down to eat, serve him first.

Begin your meal with the breaking of the dark bread, and make sure you toss a few crumbs outside for the birds afterwards. Keep the King of Winter in a place of honor all season long -- you can put him back outside in your garden on a pole to watch over next spring's seedlings, and eventually burn him at your Beltane celebration.

When you are finished with your meal, put the leftovers out in the garden. Wrap up the evening by playing games, such as bobbing for apples or telling spooky stories before a bonfire.

What You Need:

A table to use as your Samhain altar
Decorations that represent the late autumn season
A meal with lots of veggies, fruit, and bread
A cup of wine or cider

Oct 13, 2009

Herbs of Samhain, a Brief List

As Samhain is the last of our harvest festivals herbs play an important role.

Here is a brief look at just a few of the sacred herbs of Halloween.

Acorns and the Oak Tree.

Acorns often adorn the sacred altar and are worn by the pagan males. They represent fertility in potential, a sleeping promise of fulfillment. The acorn is the male version of the female egg.

The oak tree itself has long been associated with the Druids; they held the oak sacred and held their meetings in blessed oak groves. Oak is the symbol of sacred kingship and the cycle of the Oak King and Holly King in Wiccan rituals represents the death and rebirth of the sacred king. Magic and ritual honoring the divine masculine is especially powerful when aided by the oak.


Apples represent healing, love and, most importantly at Samhain, immortality. This fruit also has a strong association with the underworld which one again brings us back to the cycle of the Oak King and Holly King. The name "Avalon" is believed to be derived from the old Irish word meaning "the place of apples." Apple, as a fruit of the underworld, sustain one when questing into the dark, secret places, including the realms of death.

Dittany of Crete

Dittany is used during Samhain to invoke those that have gone before to seek their comfort and wisdom. It is also used to connect with loved ones living a distance away. When tossed into a sacred fire dittany of crete will manifest these special people into our hearts to celebrate as if they were by our side.


Rosemary is worn in remembrance of those that have already passed through the Veil, letting the spirits know they live on inside our hearts. Rosemary also protected the wearer from malevolent spirits. The smoke from burning rosemary as incense will purify the sacred feast area. Old customs also tell of maidens sleeping with rosemary and a sixpence under their pillow to dream of their future husband on Samhain when the magical world is closest to our own.


The ancient Celtic peoples used rue as a defense against evil magic and negative spirits. This was especially important as the veil between the spirit and living world is so fine on Samhain. Bathing in the herb removes any hexes sent toward the bather. Burning rue opens up blocked energy and exorcises negative influences.


Mullein leaves are often carried for protection from angry spirits and to aid courage in the face of adversity. Small bunches of mullein can be placed in small sacks and hung over entryways of the home for the same purposes. Powdered mullein can be used as a substitute for graveyard dust. Sleeping with mullein under the pillow will help stave off nightmares. For Samhain, the use of mullein is often as spiritual candles. As the leaf of the mullein plant resembles a candle flame and the plant itself is fuzzy like cotton wick these make wonderful lights on such a feast day. One stalk of mullein is burned for each soul the caster wishes to remember and honor. They may be soaked in melted wax first or burned dried.

Samhain has a long a rich tradition in many areas of the Uk and Ireland. There are many more herbs and their lore to explore. I hope this short piece can inspire you to do just that

Aug 31, 2009


Promotes Sales and increase Awareness of the Business
Grants Knowledge of Past, Present and Future
Enhances Memory
Clear and Quick thinking
Links with Spiritual Forces
Sacred Stone of the Goddess, Venus
Stone of Prophecy and Hope

Fights Mental Disorder
Helps Spiritual Awakening
Focus Will
Absorb and Neutralize Negative energy
Helps to find hidden Truth

Repels Negative Energies
Increases Confidence and Security
Inspires Love and Devotion
Aids in remembering Dreams
Successful Business
Helps Self-Esteem

Reduces Tension and Stress
Energy Stone
Activates root and sacral Chakras
Learning and Communication
Vitality and Energy

Draws Illness from the body
Grounding and Stabilizing
Can be used for Scrying
Helps bolster Self-Esteem
Astral Projection
Reduces Stress and Blood Pressure
Deflects Negativity

Reduces Stress and Anxiety
Sooths and calms to bring Gentleness and Patience
Enhances Emotional Expression
Eliminates Stress and Anger
Helps with attaining Goals
Can help gain insight from Past Lives

Compass Stone
Unlocks Creativity in Artists
Shamanic Journeys
Assist in recovering information from Past Lives
Clears Third Eye Chakra
Stimulates Memory
Refuses Conformity

Gemstones D


Emotional and Spiritual Healer
Heart Chakra
Relieves emotional Pain
Increases Acceptance of one’s self and of others
Heals old deep wounds and can clear Past Karma

Fern-like growth
Use to get in touch with Nature
Eases frayed Nerves
Assist with introspection and self discovery

Magnifies Power of other Gemstones worn with it
Clears Blockages in Chakras.
Gets rid of Negative Thoughts
Purity of Intent
Bonds relationships
Encourages Self-Confidence
Counteracts Jealousy

Opens and Aligns Chakras
Access Past and Future Lives
Strengthens Decision Making
Clarify innermost thoughts and expand mental powers

Brings Creativity
Helpful for Healing Trauma
Help Heal Aggression and Stubbornness
Calms Pets

Quartz with Chlorite Clouds showing the Growth Pattern of the Crystal
Induces Visions and Healing
Access the Akashic Records
Help Astral and Guided Journeys

Helps Organizational Skills
Self Discipline and Orderliness
In a 12th Step Dumortierite is the 4th Step
Helps intelligence and learning
Third Eye Chakra
Inspires one to see and accept reality

Encourages Charitable Actions, Generosity, and giving of all kinds, as well as receiving
Stops energy leaks from Chakras
Balance and Align Chakras
Relieves Sorrow
Soothes Hurts, Loneliness and Anxiety
Helps Insomnia

Aug 9, 2009


Good for the Cleansing Organs
Boosts memory
Calms the mind

Focus. Doubles the power of ritual because of refraction
Centering and Grounding
Astral Travel
Psychic Awareness
Healing and purification
Protective and adds energy to the body

Energy Booster
Earth Energy
Helps get you out of ruts
Grounding for Meditation
Can give Courage
Counteract doubt and negative thoughts

Puts you in touch with your Angels
Spiritual Awareness
Opens Third Eye Chakra

Drives away Nightmares, Night Visions and fear of the dark
Protects against Psychic Attack and Negative Energy
Success in Lawsuits and for health and safety
Banishes Fear, Hysteria, Mental Illness, Depression and Sadness

Pull Ethereal Energy into Physical Body
Removes energy blockages

Emotional Healing
Overcoming OCD
Grounds the Spiritual Self
Assists with Sleep and Dreams

Luck and Prosperity
Love, Joy, Wealth
New Paths for Personal Fulfillment
Change as in a flower opening

Inner Peace and Wisdom
Soothes Nervous Tension
Makes you more comfortable speaking the Truth
Develops Personal Confidence

Stimulates Creativity
Happiness, Luck and Money
Shields Negative Energy and send it back
Prevents Nightmares
Relieves Tension and Stress

Removes Fears
Insures a Good Night’s Sleep
Increases Self Esteem
Merchant’s stone
Strengthens Will
Helps to overcome Intellectual and Emotional Problems

Jul 25, 2009

Freaky Friday #2

We where filled is many ghost stories this Friday.
We had beloved pets that had passed on cuddle in spirit to help with the grief.
We had a lesson in how to treat the ghosts in an old mansion and when the newbies question the reality of what the old timers where saying, the power went out, no storms, no accidents, power just went out in the whole mansion.
We had an unplugged adding machine in a cemetery office continuously feed tape until some one asked it to stop.
The wails of a man killed on old train tracks and more. There where many stories, everyone had at least one, others had more.

I told about a game the my tarot study group would play. When it was my turn, to give everyone a reading with a mystery card to guess, I used the ghost that was living in my house as the subject.
The process and outcome of that event, the manner in which the mystery card was guessed is rather interesting.
You can read the detailed story in "Ghost in the Cards."

Next week will be some more freaky stuff for we will be talking about using tools to communicate with spirits, ghosts, and loved ones on the other side.

Jul 17, 2009

1st Freaky Friday

The first of the Freaky Friday Chats has come and gone.
We talked about all sorts of things freaky and not so freaky.
When creating a list of topics, an unsuspecting team-mate mentioned sex.
That can be freaky all right, but we did not really talk about that.
We ventured into testing the censoring functions of the ETSY chat rooms.
See what we could get away with.
We discovered that the alternative to Rooster is acceptable language.

The paranormal topic and story telling topic of the night was ghosts.
One of us has a ghost in their home that likes to throw things, but not hit anyone with it.

Another had a sage smudge issue in a cemetery while doing a regular meditation. Many attempt to extinguish the smudge with water as a last resort. Even that did not work.

The power of group energy/thought made an appearance.
A team-mate, distraught over a immediate issue asked the room for some help with advice.
The room was in full agreement on the issue and this led the way to empowerment.
When the team-mate went to deal with the situation, the situation had resolved itself.
There was one particular detail in the issue, a task asked of our team-mate, had be finally accomplished by the one that had made the request.

Just by talking, focusing our thoughts, and offering strength with our words..... Magic Happens

Our topic next week will be a bit of a continuation of the topic this evening.
We will be discussing the finer details of Ghosts and Hauntings, and of course more story telling.

See you then
~Dragon's Moon

Jun 27, 2009


Balance and Harmony
Strength, Longevity
Love, Healing, Protection
The Work Horse of the Stone World
Calming and Uplifting
Fixes the Corporeal as well as the Ethereal body
Affinity with Gemini

Growth, Freedom, Fertility, Creativity

Protection and Courage
Soothes Depression

Throat Chakra
Peace and Happiness

Clears Obstacles

Fossilized tree sap
May have inclusions of insects, seeds, leaves or pollen
Grounding Healer
Depression and Memory
Time, Cycles, Longevity
Related to Akasha
Affinity with Leo, Virgo and Capricorn


Warm Water Sea shell
Siren magic
Good for Heart and other muscles
Aids digestion

Heals Inner Child
Connects Heart with Fairies
Courage in Social Groups

Luck and Chance
Used in Money attracting Magic
Calms troubled emotion
Speeds Healing
Increases perception and creative insight

Powerful mental healer
Increases Vitality and perception

Truth, Sincerity, Honor
Self love
Helps Clarify and improve thinking
Helps to balance emotions
Promotes Kindness and practicality

Dispels negative thoughts
Aids astral projection during meditation
Also called Fairy Cross and Chiasolite

Relieves Depression
Promotes Calm, Serenity and Spirituality
Helps the breaking of bad habits

Teaches to be compassionate with others
Allow yourself to love others as they are in the present
Rids one of guilt and grief
Clears mental confusion
Inspirational stone

For the Morrigan
Courage and Warrior
Unexpected Change
A symbol of Justice
Protection against the Evil Eye
General Health Giving
Secure victory in court

Jun 23, 2009


Our chat topic on Tuesday and Thursday nights for the month of June has been Gemstones. They're not just pretty and shiny, but they can help us with nightmares, depression, negativity, all sorts of things.

I myself am a huge rockhound...I was the Mineral and Fossil Specialist when I worked at World of Science, because I knew so much...but that's for my OTHER blog...

We started at Agate and tonight we're starting on Sapphire...and we'll see how far we can get...Anyone and everyone is more than welcome to attend, even if it's just to say hi.

I'm going to start another post that has some of the metaphysical stuff associated with each stone.

Jun 21, 2009


Hi, to all of you...
We are the Pagan Team from Etsy. This blog will be for our (hopefully) monthly Challenges, Contests and group things like that...

We are just starting up again after a short unplanned hiatus where our founding member evaporated...We sincerely hope that she's okay, and she's welcome to take back the reins if she does reappear...

We have a weekly thread on Etsy. Feel more than free to add to it.

I figured to start up the Blog again on Solstice would be a nice idea...It's a time for bountiful blessings of abundance and fertility. We've been shut inside for half the year so this half should mostly be spent outdoors enjoying the sun's rays on our skins and working in our gardens...

Feathery Blessings to one and all!

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