Jan 4, 2013

Pagan Team Challenge 2013


We kick off the new year with a team challenge. The theme for this challenge is 'Your Pagan Way'. What that means is that team members are to create something that embodies their pagan-ness. It may be who they call upon, what they most admire in nature, or who knows what might come from this theme.
Guaranteed, this will be a unique and beautiful collection of pagan 'style'.
As entries are submitted, they will be posted here. After the deadline and all entries are in, we will begin the voting. Voting will be in mid March.

ENTRY # 1 By Ramona Friggasdotter and in her shop Urd Handicrafts.

"Brisingamen", Freyja's necklace of desire

This is what Ramona has to say about the creation of her piece~
Full Persian 6in1 is definitely one of the most beautiful chainmaille weaves. It is a rope type weave made of lots of stacked rings, looking similar to a Viking wire weaving, and it is a great choice for jewelry because of its thick, tight appearance.

Because of its similarity with Viking knit, we made a necklace inspired by the most famous necklace from Norse tradition - Brisingamen, the necklace of desire owned by Freyja (Freya), Goddess of love, fertility and beauty, also connected to war and death of fallen heroes. The word Brísingamen comes from Old Norse brisinga "flaming, glowing" and men "jewelry, ornament", and it was probably made of gold and amber.

Our Norse-inspired chainmaille necklace is a unique, deluxe, heavy piece of jewelry made of silver-plated copper rings, tightly weaved to make a Full Persian chain that is 7 mm thick. It is adorned with a huge rectangular pendant made of polished red jasper.

ENTRY # 2 is from leighswiccanboutique

Elemental Power Stone

This is what Mandi has to say about her piece~
These Stones are very powerful. You can feel their energy!While in a state of Meditation Hold your stones lightly in your hand and you can actually feel them pulsate, or tingle once they have been attuned to you. The stones themselves sometimes become very warm when you are working with them. I can state this fact as being true from my own personal Experience with these stones. In fact while I was photographing a previous set that I sold here on Etsy upon request, the screen on my camera had these little moving spots on it all around the area of the stones when I had zoomed in on them, actually detecting their energy field. I have not attuned these stones. I only worked with them during the design process.
Basic Info on the stones:These stones are found at the base of a natural pyramid mount in the center of the continental USA, and are the same type of rock, having the same properties. Kansas Pop Rocks usually come in pairs, a smoother stone which has Yin or female energy and is referred to as the female, and a rougher stone that has Yang or masculine energy and is referred to as the male. Kansas Pop Rocks are excellent for balancing energy and polarities of all kinds. They are used a lot in energy healing and psychic healing to release blockages. They are also used a lot to balance the chakras and align them. They are also excellent for grounding excess energies, grounding people who are feeling "spacey", and for shielding. In the both the household plant pots and out in nature, Kansas Pop Rocks are used to promote plant growth. Kansas Pop Rocks are also used in healing arthritis, back pain, general healing, regeneration of cells, adrenal glands, chronic fatigue, and physical energy.

ENTRY # 3 is from Elizabeth from NaturaPlumaDesigns

Natural Birch Bark Mask with Purple Flowers and Moss

This is what Elizabeth has to say about her piece~
This unique mask is made from natural birch bark which has naturally fallen from a birch tree in my yard. It has been carefully cut to fit the face, and eye holes have been burned into the bark. Dried purple flowers trail upward to a point at the top of the mask. Dried springy green moss is affixed to the base of the flowers, and in spots just underneath the flowers as they come to the top of the mask. The flowers were part of a bouquet that I dried in my dehydrator, and the dried moss was purchased at a craft store. Twine string acts as a ribbon to tie the mask together. The mask has been sprayed with a light coat of sealant to prevent breakage and decay.
This beautiful mask is wearable art. It can be displayed or worn depending on your preference.
You can also read her blog about this mask and others.

ENTRY # 4 is from Moon'sCraft's from MoonsCraftsUK

Pendulum in Oak

This pendulum is crafted from oak and depicts the wheel of the year in pyrography. At the end of each of the eight points which represent the eight sabbats or pagan celebratory festivals are different coloured rhinestones.

This pendulum has been lightly varnished to ensure the integrity of the design, however the top has been left unvarnished to allow the energy to be charged and to flow. 

The pendulum is attached to the cord with a handmade copper spiral, which connects to the crystal and moonstone beads. The centrepiece of these beads is a single spiral of life in silver to represent the cycles of life, the ebb and flow. 
Finally the pendulum is finished with a grey silk silver cord and finished a large tibetan silver Triquetra representing the power of three. 
A stunning pendulum.
All Moon's crafts pieces are ethically foraged and created in the UK entirely by hand. No stencils are used for the art work and all art is original. Each piece is magically correct and researched to ensure all energy within the piece can be utilised spcifically and magically. 

ENTRY # 5 by Pamela Kaylor from inkleing 

Labyrinth Walk Pagan Prayer Beads 

Labyrinth Walk Pagan Prayer beads can be a useful tool for meditation or focusing spiritual energies. This set is comprised of: 9 6mm Serpentine, 9 6mm Yellow Jade and 9 6mm Peach Aventurine with tiny daisy beads and 4 beautiful pieces of Yellow Flower Jade. This set begins with a Spiral Goddess charm and ends with a Labyrinth charm with tiny peridot bead . The total length is 16”. The more you use prayer beads, the more they feel at home in your hand, and bring your mind to the spiritual and contemplative. Give them a try!

Natural gemstone beads also help us make a connection to the earth itself. This link opens us to the Web of Life, the positive energy of Nature, and to the Divine. Using prayer beads joins us to an ancient spiritual tradition, and sets us on a new path of discovery. As we use prayer beads, each individual bead links us to our fellow spiritual travelers.

Yellow Jade is a stone of joy and happiness

Peach or Apricot Aventurine gently increases the energy, help with decision-making and can boost creativity.

Serpentine is an earthing stone that aids meditation and spiritual exploration.

Peridot assists in rebirth and renewal of all kinds. Peridot also brings abundance and prosperity. It also assists in finding what is lost, and strengthens ESP abilities

Flower Jade ~ Nephrite Jade from New Zealand~ Maori appreciation of jade centers on these features patterns that seem to evoke images of forests, rivers and clouds. 

 ENTRY # 6  is from faeriewise and her shop EarthMoonandStars'  


Here are the lyrics to a favorite song, and what helped inspire me as I listened to it while creating this piece :

Noon of the Solstice by Damh the Bard

In times long past
Lived a Man of green,
And his footsteps brought life wherever he'd been.
In the deepest wildwood
Was the place he was seen,
And the people did love
And protect him.
And they saw his face change,
With the turn of the Wheel
Of the Seasons,
They heard his voice sing.

I'm the Horned God,
I'm the face in the trees,
I'm the breath of the wind that rustles the leaves,
I'm the Green Man
In the wildwood I roam,
Cernunnos, I'm Pan and I'm Herne.

I shall be as the Dark Holly King,
Darkness and cold
In my cloak I will bring,
And on Winter's nights
To me you will sing,
Till the air around me starts changing,
And on the noon of the solstice
I'll give up my crown,
To the Light
And the Mighty Oak King.

All Summer long
I shall rule just and fair,
Bring your crops to fruit
With the light that I share,
With fire and water,
From earth into air,
But the Wheel it keeps
Steadily turning.
And on the noon of the Solstice
I'll give up my crown,
To the cold and the Dark Holly King.

T'is now modern times
And the Summer is here,
The Winter has gone
And the air it is clear,
On a fine day I walked
Through a woods I live near,
When a battle I spied
Through a clearing,
Two giants of leaves,
One light and one dark,
Even now the Wheel it is turning!

STAY TUNED...... I think we have our last entry, dead line for Challenge submissions is just a few days away....VOTING WILL Begin shortly after.

May 21, 2012

Beltane Fire Challenge

The Pagan Team on Etsy was challenged to creat an item in their medium!

As one of the Fire Festivals nears, turn your energy to the coming of the May Queen and the conception of a new year to come!

Brenda of HowlingCaterpillars challenges you to create a representation of the Fires of Beltane!

Enjoy the entries below, read the great descriptions and select your favorite by voting in our poll to the right! The winner will have an interview posted to the bolg, or select the next challenge theme and timeline!
From LeighsWiccanBotique:

Beltane Floral Photo Locket Scented Wreath

What a wonderful Wreath to Celebrate the Season with. This is also an Etsy Pagan Team Beltane Challenge Piece!

This Beautiful wreath I created is truly one of a kind. I love to do these pieces for several reasons.
1. They are always bright and cheerful no matter what the season is.
2. They smell great!
3. I get to use up a lot of my old stock beads on them hehehe.

This large wreath is very special though because it is a keepsake piece. The center features a beautiful vintage golden locket to display pictures of your family, kids, grand kids, or that special someone in.

The out side of this wreath contains an assortment of artificial flowers like Lily's, Carnations, Pink Roses, and Beautiful glittery green leaves. Amongst the flowers I have done bead work, containing gemstones as well on the outside, and down the center.

Gemstones in this piece are cherry quartz, red coral, jasper, shell, and sea glass, accessorized with Glass, and Acrylic beads.

The center is adorn with a vintage photo locket that opens, and closes that has a red feather behind it. On the side of the locket is a pewter red blazing sun, which is easily adjusted so it sits the way you want it without blocking any of the photo's you place within the locket. I showed this in one of the pictures above to.

The scent is one of my own unique creations, and it is so refreshing. It will just lighten up your room! It is scented with Minty Lavender, which is just totally amazing!

This wreath is approx. 11" wide, and when hanging it is approx. 14" long.
From HowlingCaterpillars

Beltane Altar In a Box OOAK

This is a brand new item. It is part of my PaganTeam's Beltane Challenge.

It started out as a plain brown papier mache box which I covered with Scrapbooking Paper in Green Grass and Wood patterns. The top I painted with Navy Blue, White, Colonial Blue and Off White so that it looks like the Earth from Space.

Inside you will find the startings of a personal altar for this holiday.

There is a Sandalwood jar candle, a Hawthorn branch and 5 feathers.

On the top is alway 3 wooden Stags, a Pair of Ivies, a Small Sun with a Spiral all surrounding a Large Sun with a Spiral.
From TheWitchOfWitchcraft

Myrtle Wood Wand Beltane's Fire Powerhouse Fertility Wand 

Beltane's Fire is a powerhouse of Magick for fertility spells and rituals. All parts of this enchanting beauty corresponds to fertility and the physical, mental and spiritual healing that is always necessary when infertility is at hand.

Myrtle wood, copper wire securing the stones and spiraling it's way around the wand and forming nests around the stones, connecting the egg shaped geode to the quartz point, carressing the Ruby in Zoistite trigger/focus stone in the proccess. Green cotton threads with the correct number of knots, strands and wraps. 9 Olive shells are held in a woven copper bundle with 4 tibetan silver rabbits circling round.

There is a mother holding a child charm, a mother and baby elephant, turtle, alligator charms as well. A queen bee charm dangles happily with the others. I hand formed a copper and glass piece that symbolizes a pregnant woman that sways gently, suspended from the geode receptive end. There are strands of green cotton floss amongst the copper like bits in a bird's nest... Four emerald green goose feathers complete the receptive end.

Many, many hours were spent researching and crafting this potent tool for you. You can rest assured that everything is correct. After your purchase, I will explain how to properly use the trigger/ focus stone on this wand which is my original concept. There will be some slight movement of the stones since I strive not to use adhesives on the tools I create. Rest assured that they are quite securely attached to the wand via the copper wire that runs through the wand for energy conduction.

Approximately 21 inches long.
From AStitchingWitch

Appliqued Quilted Beltane Altar Cloth, Wall Hanging , Table Runner Star Burst Reversable

What beautiful bright colors in this striking star burst quilt. I love the unique edge to this quilt a look all its own. The Batik fabric is just gorgeous with colors of fuchsia, orange, yellow, purple, green in a floral design.

I have appliquéd the star-burst center in a Batik with purples and pink design for the small points and the larger points with a solid purple.

The center is quilted in a continuous circle and the larger purple points are quilted with curly Q's and stars and the outer are is stipple quilted.

This quilt is done in a flip and turn method so the back is black with yellow and the quilting shows the star burst. Which is really nice since it makes it reversible.

Perfect Altar Cloth for celebrating the beginning of Ostara / Beltane Spring with the growth of flowers and the abundance of mother earth Litha , Lammas / Summer

Really nice size of : 22 inches x 21 inches
From Moon HunterJewelry

Fire ruby red swarovski crystal dangle burst earrings with sterling hooks

Different shades of red swarovski crystal rondelles and bicones accented with silver plated beads create an attractive crystal burst with lots of movement. They sparkle and shine like fire, very dynamic. Sterling silver hooks won't aggravate allergies.

Measures about 3 inches or 8 cm from top of the hook to the tip of the bottom bead.

These are versatile, will look great with just about anything! Put the fire on!!!
These earrings seem to burn with an inner light, they'll burn, sparkle and shine and grab eyes. They seem to be fire elemental, can go with a t shirt or an evening gown and look super hot!!

Feb 13, 2012

A New Beginning Challenge! Please vote on the right!

The Team was challenged to create an item that reflects the theme 'A New Beginning.'

"The year draws to a close and a new dawn of increasing light approaches.The Winter Solstice/Yule brings the beginning of a new solar cycle. The veil, thin from All Hallow's Eve/Samhain, regains substance. We are moving into the year 2012, a year that holds much that has yet to be seen.

What will you create to represent the turning of the wheel, the beginning of 2012?"

Check out these great entries! and vote! Poll ends Sunday, February 19th!

Cynimue Green Nymph Apothecary and Wyrdcraft

IMBOLC Spell Kit - Candlemas, Brigid's Feast, Light Ritual, Groundhog Day - Simple, yet POWERFUL - Celebrate the Approach of SPRING


Imbolc is celebrated on February 1 or 2 (or February 12, according to the Old Calendar) in the northern hemisphere and August 1 in the southern hemisphere. These dates fall approximately halfway between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox.

Imbolc derives from the Old Irish "i'mbolg," meaning "in the belly." This refers to the pregnancy of ewes. A medieval glossary etymologizes the term as "oimelc," meaning "ewe's milk."

Imbolc is one of the cross-quarter days observed in Celtic mythology. It is a FIRE festival. The sun is becoming stronger, and the days are growing longer.

It celebrates the promise of fertility and the preparation of the earth for planting. Imbolc is filled with the anticipation of life about to burst forth.

Imbolc is also known as Brigid’s Day, Candlemas, or Groundhog Day, and it marks the end of t he dark of winter and celebrates the growing light and the first tremblings of spring’s approach. It is a time to move away from the old and prepare for the new, to “spring clean” the hearth and home as well as the soul.

*This spell kit includes everything you need to spring clean your mind, body, spirit, and home. It's a great way to welcome the New Year. Whether you celebrate in wild revelry or quiet solitude, this spell kit will add a fitting facet to your magical evening!

Great for any ritual that inspires a strong, blessed, new beginning.

Everything is fittingly blessed, charged, and anointed.

I make these kits to order, so if you want me to add any special elements or use any specifics when creating and blessing, please convo me.

Included in this kit:
-Cleansing, Strength, and Renewal-influencing herbs and spices potpourri
-a rune-inscribed candle
-Instruction/Information Spell Scroll
-stick incense
-velvet pouch
-blank parchment paper

Everything is enclosed in a reusable craft box and tied with satin ribbon. It makes a lovely gift for yourself or someone else!

Spring rings

This ring was made for the Paganteam Challenge "A New Beginning". You can vote for it here: http://www.paganteam.blogspot.com/ starting January 30th.

Handcast of pewter in a hand-carved soapstone mold, the way pewtercasting has been done for centuries, this ring features images of Spring: young spring plants, flowers, and animals, and an egg in a nest, with clouds, the sun, and a rainbow in the sky. Spring is not only a time of year when new life flourishes; it is symbolic of new beginnings and hope. The ring is open-backed and adjustable, and cast in lead-free pewter. One of the rings is shown at the base of the photo unbent, so you can see the full design.

This item's price includes FREE SHIPPING to any United States or Canadian address in a padded mailer.
Petrified Wood Turquiose Picture Jasper Gemstone Pendant Necklace - 18 Inches - Spiral Red

This necklace was made for the Paganteam Challenge "A New Beginning". You can vote for it here: http://www.paganteam.blogspot.com/

A new beginning is what everyone needs. A way to start fresh, wipe the slate clean. What better way to do so than with the energy this necklace provides? With the protective energies of Petrified Wood and Turquoise, and the balancing energy of Picture Jasper, a new beginning surely waits just beyond the horizon.

A bold spiral pendant lays at the center of this gorgeous necklace. Vivid red petrified wood beads, turquoise and picture jasper beads are a stunning color combination. It measures 18" and is finished off with a lobster clasp. It is believed by many that stones have metaphysical properties. Petrified wood is thought to protect against negative energy, while picture jasper encourages balance and stability. Turquoise is also thought to be a protective stone.
I take pride in offering stones that are natural. There are no dyed or synthetic beads used in my items. That gives each piece a genuine energy that will lift and heal your spirits. I use professional coated beading wire, silver plated findings and crimps, unless otherwise stated. I check all clasps and strength test all crimped ends to make sure every finished product is
Phoenix Kimono watercolor painting print in frame

This listing is for a scanned photo copy of the original painting, 'Japanese Phoenix' by Suzanne Maxwell. It is also the entry into PaganTeam's seasonal challenge, 'New Beginning'.
The mythological creature the Phoenix represents new beginnings by its nature to rise from the ashes. The Phoenix is found across the globe and represents wisdom, immortality and compassion.

The Ho-Oo is the Japanese version of the Phoenix.
Ho is the male and Oo is female.
The arrival of this fire bird signals a new era when it descends from sky and blesses people with good deeds. When finished, the Ho-Oo returns to the heavens and waits for the next new era.
It is also said that the Ho-Oo comes only in times of peace and prosperity.

I gave the kimono a background of bamboo. Bamboo also has symbolic meaning. Strength and endurance. A storm can take down many trees, but the flexible nature of the bamboo allows it to weather the storm and retain it's beauty.

The bamboo seed even ties to the phoenix, Myth says that the phoenix eats only bamboo seeds.

The coming of 2012 has been significant for decades. Much question and wondering is focused on the end date of the Mayan calendar. Some say doomsday is coming others say it is an awakening.
Those two opposing ideas are reflected in the nature of the Phoenix.
With every end there is a beginning.

For me 2012 represents a new beginning as I turn to my art more and more. This painting is also #2 of a series of kimono paintings I am doing.

This listing is for an 8x10 inch scanned copy of the original painting (also 8x10). The copy is a photo print on photo paper. The image is framed. I have sanded and finished the frame with a cherry wood stain and lightly clear coated the frame.

'Japanese Phoenix' is copyright protected. The watermark will not appear on the item in the listing.


Break On Through Necklace Sea Green Creamy White Cameo OOAK
This Brand New One Of A Kind Item is my contribution for the PaganTeam Challenge with the theme of "A New Beginning."

Cobalt Quilter asked us: "The Year draws to a Close and a New Dawn of Increasing Light approaches.The Winter Solstice/Yule brings the Beginning of a new Solar Cycle. The veil, thin from All Hallow's Eve/Samhain, regains substance. We are moving into the Year 2012, a Year that holds much that has yet to be seen."

"What will you create to represent the turning of the wheel, the beginning of 2012?"

According to Numerologists, and Archaeologists and other -Gists, the World will come to an end on 21 Dec12.
The Hopi say:
"There was the cycle of the mineral, the rock. There was the cycle of the plant. And now we are in the cycle of the animals coming to the end of that and beginning the cycle of the human being."

Bible Codes describe a Holocaust caused by a comet striking the earth.

Some Chicken Littles say that Planet X or Niburu will approach us and cause enormous upheavals in our Little Blue Marble, everything from Earthquakes, Polar Shifts or “3 Days of Ddarkness” caused by Niburu’s gravity stopping the earth from spinning.

There have been prophecies like this since Biblical Times. Remember Y2K?

*I* happen to believe that the End Times are not the exact Stop! Step on the Brakes! End of Everything. *I* believe that it’s a New Start. The folks that live in Balance and Harmony with their Environment, not chasing after the All Mighty Dollar, will be the ones that see the rest of them through. 2012 WILL be a time of Change, but you can make it worse by holding up a sign saying "The End Is Near!!" or you can roll with it and be part of the Change for the Better.

My version of this rather serious topic is based on the Lighter Side of your Home Planet being bulldozed for an Interstellar Highway…"The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adams.

"So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish" is the Fourth Book of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy "trilogy". Its Title is the Message left by the Dolphins when they depart ed Planet Earth just before it was demolished.

Inside his still-standing home, Arthur finds a gift-wrapped bowl inscribed with the words "So Long and Thanks..." which he then uses for his Babel Fish, a Universal Language Translator Doohickey.
John Watson, a scientist who knows why the Dolphins disappeared, shows Arthur and his girlfriend Fenchurch, a bowl with the words "So long and thanks for all the fish" inscribed on it that they all own and encourages them to listen to it. They learn from the bow l's audio message that the Dolphins, aware of the Vogons (a sluglike bureaucratic race who's idea it was to destroy the Earth) left Earth for an alternate dimension, but NOT before replacing the destroyed Earth with a new version and transporting everything to it as a way of saving humans.

The Necklace is about 19 Inches long including the Flower Toggle Clasp. The Cameo Look Focal shows a Dolphin jumping out of the Water and through a Hoop that could be a Star Gate or a Worm Hole or a Portal to their New Dimension where Human Beings haven’t completely bulloxed things up yet. Or a Place where Everyone lives together in Harmony and Balance only taking what is needed, nothing more and helping those who need it without questi on.

I found some beautiful Square Beads that I hadn’t seen before that resemble the ripples of an Ocean far out to Sea.

The Creamy White Carved Sea Shell Round Beads compliment the Pendant.
The Square Beads were labelled "Sea Weed Stone". It seems as if it's a type of Agate or Quartz that has beautiful layers of different shades of green, clear, and tan.
Green Quartz is used for Prosperity and Luck. It can help strengthen your bond to the Earth and brings one's Energies into Harmony for Healing.
Wheel of the Year Seasonal Embroidered Patch
This item is participating in the PaganTeam Challenge "New Beginnings" Please vote for it at: http://www.paganteam.blogspot.com/

Love the changing to the seasons? This patch represents just that.

It is a 3 1/2 inch round machine embroidery patch. This detailed patch contains 25 different colors to bring out each of the seasons.

Note the border that changes as you progress through the seasons. There are buds in the spring, green leaves in summer, orange leaves in the fall and only the branches in winter.

This is NOT an iron on patch. It must be sewn or glued on to the item you wish to put it on.

Patch is washable and will hold up to repeated wear like any commercially bought patch.

Dec 11, 2011

People and Planet First

The Pagan Team on Etsy is participating in the People and Planet First Campaign being hosted by Artisans Gallery Team on Etsy.

Through a series of blog posts Etsy Teams are taking the opportunity to share their opinions on supporting sustainable communities, indi businesses, as well as the role Etsy has played in fostering that independence.

The Pagan Team is an active group of individuals who come together to support each other. The team has an off Etsy site, The Tree House, where the 'community' that is our 'Etsy Team' gathers to further discuss and support one another as we develop our on line presence and local ventures we may undertake. We also share on the discussion area provided by Etsy, where we have ongoing discussions as well.

The opportunity to connect and communicate facilitates, team activities such as challenges, sales or giveaways. Finding ways to encourage Etsy shoppers to visit our Pagan Team shops in the open market that is Etsy, is part of what our team emphasizes. And then there is the inspiration of team members like Theresa Taylor.

Theresa, is a full time artist with Etsy sites and a brick and mortar Gallery/Boutique the Keyhole Gallery in Lakewood, OH. She describes herself as a DIY Momma who needs to create, and work with her hands. A jeweler first, she loves to work with metal in any application. Art Dolls are her next love, so putting metal and dolls together was just natural, as you can see from her shop DarklingDoll

Theresa i a bit eclectic. As she says, "I followed my imagination thru the keyhole and it led me to open a gallery, yay! It takes all my time, but it is bliss!" To learn more about the Keyhole check out the blog, or find items in the Gallery's Etsy Shop.

There are many active indi business people involved with Etsy teams! The following treasuries are a small sample of Pagan team Artisans work, Check out the great work!

Dec 1, 2011

End of Summer Challenge Winner!!

The winner is Michelle Simkins of Greenfingers!!

I asked her to share a bit about herself!

A little biographical info: I grew up with a crafty mom, in a public school that had good electives and offered art and music as part of the regular curriculum. That combination gave me lots of room and resources to make things from a young age. One of my grandma's taught me to embroider. The other one taught me to crochet, though I never really got past making ridiculously long crochet chains. I also started composing stories as soon as I learned how to write. I've always been happiest when I was either reading a novel or making something, whether it was an object or a story. No surprise that I grew up to choose creative pursuits as my work.

Where do you get your inspiration? My creative inspiration comes from everywhere. Usually it starts as a picture in my head that won't go away, and often I'm not sure where that picture came from. Other times it comes from wanting a finished object--a knitted pouch for my tarot cards, for example--and not finding a pattern anywhere that makes me happy. Once the concept is fully realized, my color and embellishment choices are kind of intuitive. I work by what feels right. Which sometimes means groping around and trying different things until I get that "a-HA!" feeling.

How long have you been creating original knitting patterns? I created my first pattern in 2007. It was the knitted goddess pattern, and I woke up one morning with the idea almost fully formed in my head. It only took two prototypes to have the pattern the way I wanted it.

When & where do you create? I create whenever I can. Ideas seem to come at me pretty regularly, though sometimes it takes a long time to get around to exploring them. I have a spreadsheet on my computer for ideas, so I don't lose track of them. I mostly create in my bedroom or living room, when I'm working on knitted items or writing. If it's something with herbs or flowers I work outside in an old fifth wheel trailer that's heated with a wood stove.

How does it fit in your life? Creativity kind of IS my life. Right now I'm spending all of my time creating, doing energy work and readings, or volunteering. I quit my day job a few years ago and now I work for myself and love it. But my creative priorities are constantly shifting, and certain processes and methods come and go for me. I always love knitting, for example, but how much time I spend on it varies drastically from one month to another.

What advantages to see in being a part of a team and participating in events, like this challenge? For me, being part of a team is about finding other creative people to connect with. It's been difficult to participate lately, with life and family keeping me busy, but I've really enjoyed seeing what other people are creating, sharing ideas with them, and troubleshooting/problem solving with them. And challenges are wonderful because they give me a little creative kick in the pants. With a deadline and some parameters the creative process gets narrowed down a little, which makes it easier in some ways. Other times, the possibilities are so limitless it can be difficult to know where to begin. A design challenge gives my wheels a direction to spin in. Also . . . it's fun to meet a challenge AND to see how other people meet the same challenge.

Thanks for sharing Michelle!

Member Items Etsy Mini

This collection will be refreshed on a regular basis. Find more beautiful items by our talented members by doing a search for our team tag paganteam on etsy.