May 29, 2010

ReChallenge Etries! Vote for your favorite!

The following are the Pagan Team entries for our RE-Challenge! Be sure to visit our team ETSY shops to see more fantastic work by these and other team members! Vote for your favorite entry in our poll!

1- Earth day Journal by artworksstudio.

Today in honor of Earth I made this journal. Everything you see here was found in my studio as i was making it. I took a photo album I had purchased at the thrift store and took it apart. Then I went through my stash of papers and hand cut paper to fit the book. Some pages are half a wide as the regular pages so they can unfold. I was going to just throw away the photo pages but then thought- NO! i will incorporate them into the book. The cover was white fabric that was very dirty. I painted it black and then collaged some joss papers on the cover and images of spring and the Goddess. The entire book is hel d together by left over hemp from my son's obsessive hemp jewelry making phase. As I was looking through my stuff while making this journal I came across this quote - which is now in the bottom left hand corner of the front of the journal.

"All thinking worthy of the name now must be ecological" Lewis Mumford. Happy Earth Day!

2- Bach Cello Suite No. 1 The Fairies of the Evening OOAK by Artworksstudio.

I love the Bach Cello Suite No. 1. When I listen to it I can see this secret pool of water where the night faries come out to bathe and play and relax among the water lilies.

When I came across this 3/4 cello I knew this painting had to come to life. I have replaced the strings of the cello with gold colored beadalon and there are vintage Swarkovski crystals like drops of water gently gliding down the strings.

3- Picture Patch by PixiePod.
This is an item I made for a challenge. I used up all the scrap bits of thread I had left over from various needlework projects, bits of ribbons etc, into an item that could be sold on Etsy.

It is a great environmental statement to REuse, REcycle etc

4- Vintage 84 Upcycled Butterfly T shirt/Wallhanging by AKiwiSilkie.
I was actually able to wear this shirt way back then...I'd wear it with a Lee Denim short skirt, a gold chain belt, some leather wrist bands, fairy boots with matching chains and I was SMOKIN' HOT!!!

I haven't been able to part with it because it was always pretty and comfortable.

It's a size Medium, v neck front and back, and is has a Turquoise background screen printed with a butterfly in antique gold, royal blue and magenta.

To upcycle it, I got out the old seam ripper and took it apart up to the shoulders. After that I added antique gold fringe along the bottom and put it back together.

I'm pretty sure if you're handy you could make it into a t shirt again, but if not it's a wonderful wall hanging.

5- Fusible decorative applique patch made from re-purposed/recycled materials by Cobaltquilter.
In the spirit of Earth Day celebrating the ways our arts and crafts can inspire our patrons to honor the Earth. Find ways to Reduce your foot print, recycle whenever possible, and reuse/repurpose all we can because we can.

This iron on patch is made of re-purposed blue denim, revisited fused fabric scraps thread painted for security through multiple washings. The edges are finished with a narrow zigzag stitch and frayed to the edge. The fusible web attached to the back goes from edge to edge but doesn't catch all the fringe. You can attach with fringe showing, stitch close to the inside of the edge stitching. Or turn the edge under just past the zigzagged edge and secure with stitching.

6- Adorably Endangered Original Painting by paradog.~ I'm an animal lover and an environmentalist. The painting is done over top of an existing painting that I had done several years ago and did not want anymore. So the canvas is re-used.

The theme of the painting is an adorable collage of extremely endangered animals. I tried to include a good portion of the animals that may not see another 100 years on our planet.

To me, the extinction of animals, bugs, fish, birds and other forms of wildlife is completely preventable, if we work hard at it!

On Earth day I always reflect on this planet and the life on it. It saddens me to think that my great grandchildren may never see an elephant - or at least, not in the wild.

I wanted to make a painting that was fun and cute to look at so that it would be gazed at often and remind the person just what's at stake.

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