Apr 1, 2011

Spring Challenge — Healing Intent

I challenge you to create a work that reflects intent, how we connect and heal each other and our planet, as an aware family. I encourage you to create with focused intent for those in need beyond our immediate reach. Reflect our ability to heal each other through creative expression.

I am searching for my role in the relief effort currently focused on the recent devastation of Japan. How do I become an active participant in the well being of those around me that exists under my radar in my own backyard, living in hunger and desolation.

Events in the Universe affect us all, who we stand with to find and give solace defines who we are. I am grateful to be a member of this grand Circle we call a Team.

Please post a link to your entry once listed on Etsy for us all to see. Don't worry if your item sells you can still be in the challenge, win the poll and have a blog post just about you. If your challenge entry has another destination than Etsy, please post a link where we can see your work, your blog, flicker, etc. I know sometimes when we are creating the piece may tell us who it belongs to before it is finished.

Include a statement in your description connecting your creation to the challenge theme, 'intent and healing.'

Looking forward to seeing peoples creations.

Ideas to run though your head...

The ring of fire, and other natural expressions of our earth's power

Survival strategies — physical, — emotional, -communal

Equinox- balance between the light and dark

Spring is the season of Fire, starting when the Sun (fire) enters into the sign Aries- which is a fire sign and the first sign of the zodiac.

The season of spring encompasses Aries, Taurus (earth) and Gemini (air)
Aries is ruled by Mars, Taurus by Venus and Gemini by Mercury.

Mars is ambitious and inventive, Venus is joy and love, and Mercury communication and intellect.

Due July 1st for Blog poll listing.

Any other ideas? Questions? Feel free to discuss your creative process through this challenge here, on this leaf!
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  1. great ideas here...some of the listings already post are awesome! (seems the only ID I can log into to post is my google account so it doesn't show my pagan tree house ID as NativeWorks)


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