Jul 13, 2011

Healing Intent Challenge winner BluuLotus Designs shares about herself and her creative process!

Hi, My name is Michelle Molesch (BluuLotusDesigns on Etsy) and this is my story :

I knew I was an artist the moment I could use my hands to create, draw, paint, mold and touch. So from the very first drawing I made I knew this is what I wanted to do as a profession when I would grow up to an adult. Although the process of following my dream from childhood to young adult would prove itself difficult, I had to fight for my dream and become stubborn and unwilling to mold myself into something I was not. My parents have well intentions but knew going into the Art field would be hard to make a living off of so they tried to nudge me towards doing something I did not love 100% with my heart. So, with that all said I nonetheless kept pursuing my prefer'd dream in attempt to show them that not giving up something can prove to pay off in the end.

After a year's hiatus after High School was over It was time for me to go to college. I have always wanted to attend an Art School to improve my skills and become a master of the Art. Unfortunately the University's in this country are very expensive and would end up spending most of your life to pay off tuition. So, upon my father's suggestion I went into a community college in North East Ohio (also my birth place) because there I had relatives and family that I could reside with until I found roommates, a part time job and a place to stay. I did so and attended Lakeland Community College for about 4 years taking every available Art Class they had. From this I learned Pottery for the first time taking to the wheel was natural, refreshing and calming to the soul; I learned metal smiting and jewelry design, finding this art form to be one of the most intensive and endearing. I was disappointed with the painting classes and teachers, I REALLY wanted to go into oils and learn the like masters, but alas they were not up to par. I also took photography classes and learned how to use the dark room and the process of creating your pictures yourself was very fun and rewarding.

I also met some of my most important friends and spiritual teacher's that would open me up and show me my path as not only an artist but as a shaman, pagan, medium and green witch. Through these friends I learned deep within my soul I had more gifts than I realized and I am still finding out the extent of where my gifts can take me into this world. I am really grateful for them and what they have taught me about my mind, body and spirit. Given this I changed my outlook on the universe with whole new meaning, it was like a breath of fresh air...a breeze taking me and stretching my imagination as far as I could reach it. But also I needed to keep myself grounded and make sure I do not stray off my given path which indeed I would do so once I had returned to Florida. I did not have a real stable spiritual group in Florida like I did in Ohio so staying on my life path was proving to be more and more difficult with every twist and turn.

Actually I did not get a chance to finish Lakeland and I had to leave not out of my own free will and I was very sad and devastated to leave behind such wonderful friends and community. It hit me so hard I became depressed and sunk into a dark period of my life using the internet, games and of course my art to escape from a reality I did not want to acknowledge. Feel like a bird trapped in it's cage I yearned for escape to spread these wings to fly into the world. I would meet new friend's and people who would encourage me not to give up what I had started. This in turn slowly made me stronger, but I still felt something was missing in my life ..and that was LOVE. I did go through some important life changing relationships that really taught me more about myself and my body.

One fateful day I was bored so I decided to go on a old RPG game online just to make the time go by faster. So, upon playing I found my old guild I was part of and they instantly took me under their wings again. I know this sounds nerdy and corny but I needed to level up my wizard so I was being helped out by a Monk.. and this character was being played by my future boyfriend! Who knew that I'd find love on a silly little game online! We instantly became friends for about a year and kept in touch through MSN messenger and then SKYPE. Talking very frequently to each other and steady gaming partners. Turns out he is only 1 year and 1 day older than me. He is from Vienna, Austria and a pieces to boot like me!

After a year went by I became somehow busy and disconnected from the internet for almost a month in 2009. Once back online, I was afraid my long distance friend would of abandoned me by now...but, this was not the case! Once I got back online he was there waiting for me! Asking me he was worried something happened to me and had missed me dearly. So, from there on out we decided to make the move and meet each other in person. Of course I could not afford to go visit him but instead he would come and see me. After about 8-9 month's waiting we met for the first time in person and I was full of butterflies and anticipation that made me seem like I was floating on Cloud 9!! Everything had worked out great and we immediately made plans to move in with him in Austria! But once again this would prove to be a little more difficult than I thought!

Now this was only because my family's history of unorganized and last minute planning. But other wise we were also bombarded with help for money from both of my younger and older brother's. So the adventure of getting myself from point A in Florida to point B in Vienna, Austria would be a interesting one. I managed to go twice for 3 month periods in 2010. Finally when I had to return back to the states I was could not fathom being apart from my boyfriend. But, was determined not to return until I had completed all the unnecessary paper work to go back into the country. It took almost a whole year but we finally have completed all the steps in order for me to get my student residency permit. The task of moving to Austria was a very tough one! But now with the paper work out of the way I could finally once again spread my wings to the world!

in less than 2 weeks I will be finally flying over to Vienna, Austria and will start (with the luck from the goddess) attending @ the university of the arts in October 2011!!!!! This process has taken over 10 years in the making for me to make my dreams into a reality! Not only will I get to go to a Art School like I've always wanted, but I will be doing it with the man I love in a country I love in Europe! I feel great to finally be able to safely transition into the world. I proved to my family and relatives that not giving up sure does pay off in the end!!!! Now the final task at hand is to choose ONE thing to master in. Which I am still contemplating. It's between Fashion Design, Painting, Jewelry Design, Pottery and Photography!!

So.. now let me tell you a little bit about my creative process.. for me it really depends on what medium of art I am doing at the moment. But in general I find inspiration everywhere I look! If it be in a book, online or someone walking by on the street.. but my main inspiration comes from Nature. I love the earth and all of the wonderful things she has to offer us..and I find that the most inspirational. Once I have chosen my points of inspiration I write or draw them out in my sketch books and go from there!!! I try to make myself sketch more often, that's one of the things I flunked in college..was not being able to sketch out my idea's before executing them! I was sort of the last minute artist.. I hated the idea of sketching them out because I found the image in my head to be already more detailed than what I could fit or have time to do on paper. So in the end I was afraid if I sketched it out it would ruin the concept I had in my head all along! If that makes sense!

Recently I have been creating what I could either afford or could find readily available supplies or materials for! But I sort of go back and forth between painting with acrylics making paintings inspired by Monet in the impressionistic style, or doing my current infatuation with Buddha faces! I also love to paint with watercolors making illustrations first in ink with heavy thick lines reminiscent of the Art Nouveau period inspired by Alphonse Mucha and his curvy women he painted. I also enjoy spending hours knitting away and sewing at the sewing machine. I am working on my own line of knit wear designs but it's a long and slow process! If I am not doing art I am working out, doing yoga, talking to friend's online, blogging, art watching or just chilling with my kitty on the couch (while knitting)!

I hope that my story inspires others not to give up their dreams! because in the end only you can make it manifest for yourself! -namaste!!

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