Dec 11, 2011

People and Planet First

The Pagan Team on Etsy is participating in the People and Planet First Campaign being hosted by Artisans Gallery Team on Etsy.

Through a series of blog posts Etsy Teams are taking the opportunity to share their opinions on supporting sustainable communities, indi businesses, as well as the role Etsy has played in fostering that independence.

The Pagan Team is an active group of individuals who come together to support each other. The team has an off Etsy site, The Tree House, where the 'community' that is our 'Etsy Team' gathers to further discuss and support one another as we develop our on line presence and local ventures we may undertake. We also share on the discussion area provided by Etsy, where we have ongoing discussions as well.

The opportunity to connect and communicate facilitates, team activities such as challenges, sales or giveaways. Finding ways to encourage Etsy shoppers to visit our Pagan Team shops in the open market that is Etsy, is part of what our team emphasizes. And then there is the inspiration of team members like Theresa Taylor.

Theresa, is a full time artist with Etsy sites and a brick and mortar Gallery/Boutique the Keyhole Gallery in Lakewood, OH. She describes herself as a DIY Momma who needs to create, and work with her hands. A jeweler first, she loves to work with metal in any application. Art Dolls are her next love, so putting metal and dolls together was just natural, as you can see from her shop DarklingDoll

Theresa i a bit eclectic. As she says, "I followed my imagination thru the keyhole and it led me to open a gallery, yay! It takes all my time, but it is bliss!" To learn more about the Keyhole check out the blog, or find items in the Gallery's Etsy Shop.

There are many active indi business people involved with Etsy teams! The following treasuries are a small sample of Pagan team Artisans work, Check out the great work!

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  1. Great Blog - lots of goodies in Darkling Dreams shop too!


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