May 21, 2012

Beltane Fire Challenge

The Pagan Team on Etsy was challenged to creat an item in their medium!

As one of the Fire Festivals nears, turn your energy to the coming of the May Queen and the conception of a new year to come!

Brenda of HowlingCaterpillars challenges you to create a representation of the Fires of Beltane!

Enjoy the entries below, read the great descriptions and select your favorite by voting in our poll to the right! The winner will have an interview posted to the bolg, or select the next challenge theme and timeline!
From LeighsWiccanBotique:

Beltane Floral Photo Locket Scented Wreath

What a wonderful Wreath to Celebrate the Season with. This is also an Etsy Pagan Team Beltane Challenge Piece!

This Beautiful wreath I created is truly one of a kind. I love to do these pieces for several reasons.
1. They are always bright and cheerful no matter what the season is.
2. They smell great!
3. I get to use up a lot of my old stock beads on them hehehe.

This large wreath is very special though because it is a keepsake piece. The center features a beautiful vintage golden locket to display pictures of your family, kids, grand kids, or that special someone in.

The out side of this wreath contains an assortment of artificial flowers like Lily's, Carnations, Pink Roses, and Beautiful glittery green leaves. Amongst the flowers I have done bead work, containing gemstones as well on the outside, and down the center.

Gemstones in this piece are cherry quartz, red coral, jasper, shell, and sea glass, accessorized with Glass, and Acrylic beads.

The center is adorn with a vintage photo locket that opens, and closes that has a red feather behind it. On the side of the locket is a pewter red blazing sun, which is easily adjusted so it sits the way you want it without blocking any of the photo's you place within the locket. I showed this in one of the pictures above to.

The scent is one of my own unique creations, and it is so refreshing. It will just lighten up your room! It is scented with Minty Lavender, which is just totally amazing!

This wreath is approx. 11" wide, and when hanging it is approx. 14" long.
From HowlingCaterpillars

Beltane Altar In a Box OOAK

This is a brand new item. It is part of my PaganTeam's Beltane Challenge.

It started out as a plain brown papier mache box which I covered with Scrapbooking Paper in Green Grass and Wood patterns. The top I painted with Navy Blue, White, Colonial Blue and Off White so that it looks like the Earth from Space.

Inside you will find the startings of a personal altar for this holiday.

There is a Sandalwood jar candle, a Hawthorn branch and 5 feathers.

On the top is alway 3 wooden Stags, a Pair of Ivies, a Small Sun with a Spiral all surrounding a Large Sun with a Spiral.
From TheWitchOfWitchcraft

Myrtle Wood Wand Beltane's Fire Powerhouse Fertility Wand 

Beltane's Fire is a powerhouse of Magick for fertility spells and rituals. All parts of this enchanting beauty corresponds to fertility and the physical, mental and spiritual healing that is always necessary when infertility is at hand.

Myrtle wood, copper wire securing the stones and spiraling it's way around the wand and forming nests around the stones, connecting the egg shaped geode to the quartz point, carressing the Ruby in Zoistite trigger/focus stone in the proccess. Green cotton threads with the correct number of knots, strands and wraps. 9 Olive shells are held in a woven copper bundle with 4 tibetan silver rabbits circling round.

There is a mother holding a child charm, a mother and baby elephant, turtle, alligator charms as well. A queen bee charm dangles happily with the others. I hand formed a copper and glass piece that symbolizes a pregnant woman that sways gently, suspended from the geode receptive end. There are strands of green cotton floss amongst the copper like bits in a bird's nest... Four emerald green goose feathers complete the receptive end.

Many, many hours were spent researching and crafting this potent tool for you. You can rest assured that everything is correct. After your purchase, I will explain how to properly use the trigger/ focus stone on this wand which is my original concept. There will be some slight movement of the stones since I strive not to use adhesives on the tools I create. Rest assured that they are quite securely attached to the wand via the copper wire that runs through the wand for energy conduction.

Approximately 21 inches long.
From AStitchingWitch

Appliqued Quilted Beltane Altar Cloth, Wall Hanging , Table Runner Star Burst Reversable

What beautiful bright colors in this striking star burst quilt. I love the unique edge to this quilt a look all its own. The Batik fabric is just gorgeous with colors of fuchsia, orange, yellow, purple, green in a floral design.

I have appliqu├ęd the star-burst center in a Batik with purples and pink design for the small points and the larger points with a solid purple.

The center is quilted in a continuous circle and the larger purple points are quilted with curly Q's and stars and the outer are is stipple quilted.

This quilt is done in a flip and turn method so the back is black with yellow and the quilting shows the star burst. Which is really nice since it makes it reversible.

Perfect Altar Cloth for celebrating the beginning of Ostara / Beltane Spring with the growth of flowers and the abundance of mother earth Litha , Lammas / Summer

Really nice size of : 22 inches x 21 inches
From Moon HunterJewelry

Fire ruby red swarovski crystal dangle burst earrings with sterling hooks

Different shades of red swarovski crystal rondelles and bicones accented with silver plated beads create an attractive crystal burst with lots of movement. They sparkle and shine like fire, very dynamic. Sterling silver hooks won't aggravate allergies.

Measures about 3 inches or 8 cm from top of the hook to the tip of the bottom bead.

These are versatile, will look great with just about anything! Put the fire on!!!
These earrings seem to burn with an inner light, they'll burn, sparkle and shine and grab eyes. They seem to be fire elemental, can go with a t shirt or an evening gown and look super hot!!

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