Jul 17, 2009

1st Freaky Friday

The first of the Freaky Friday Chats has come and gone.
We talked about all sorts of things freaky and not so freaky.
When creating a list of topics, an unsuspecting team-mate mentioned sex.
That can be freaky all right, but we did not really talk about that.
We ventured into testing the censoring functions of the ETSY chat rooms.
See what we could get away with.
We discovered that the alternative to Rooster is acceptable language.

The paranormal topic and story telling topic of the night was ghosts.
One of us has a ghost in their home that likes to throw things, but not hit anyone with it.

Another had a sage smudge issue in a cemetery while doing a regular meditation. Many attempt to extinguish the smudge with water as a last resort. Even that did not work.

The power of group energy/thought made an appearance.
A team-mate, distraught over a immediate issue asked the room for some help with advice.
The room was in full agreement on the issue and this led the way to empowerment.
When the team-mate went to deal with the situation, the situation had resolved itself.
There was one particular detail in the issue, a task asked of our team-mate, had be finally accomplished by the one that had made the request.

Just by talking, focusing our thoughts, and offering strength with our words..... Magic Happens

Our topic next week will be a bit of a continuation of the topic this evening.
We will be discussing the finer details of Ghosts and Hauntings, and of course more story telling.

See you then
~Dragon's Moon

1 comment:

  1. What a wonderful post. Now I am even more determined not to miss the next chat.
    Whats really interesting is I spent that time with my caveman. A rare evening of conversation we had. We were speaking also of ghost, not the kind of thing we usually have time for. A good evening covering some issues with deep meaning for both of us. But now I wonder if maybe I should next time just bring him along and chat.
    Sounds like you guys were on the same wave length that night. oh well till next time blessings )0(


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