Jul 25, 2009

Freaky Friday #2

We where filled is many ghost stories this Friday.
We had beloved pets that had passed on cuddle in spirit to help with the grief.
We had a lesson in how to treat the ghosts in an old mansion and when the newbies question the reality of what the old timers where saying, the power went out, no storms, no accidents, power just went out in the whole mansion.
We had an unplugged adding machine in a cemetery office continuously feed tape until some one asked it to stop.
The wails of a man killed on old train tracks and more. There where many stories, everyone had at least one, others had more.

I told about a game the my tarot study group would play. When it was my turn, to give everyone a reading with a mystery card to guess, I used the ghost that was living in my house as the subject.
The process and outcome of that event, the manner in which the mystery card was guessed is rather interesting.
You can read the detailed story in "Ghost in the Cards."

Next week will be some more freaky stuff for we will be talking about using tools to communicate with spirits, ghosts, and loved ones on the other side.

1 comment:

  1. I'm staying (FOR SURE!) next week!! I'm going to make sure the kiddos and husband are fed before CHAT TIME.. LOL!

    Glad you guys had fun!



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